What age cougars prefer?

What Age Cougars Prefer

The answer to the question of what age cougars prefer is not a simple one. However, we’ve identified two age ranges that are the most desirable:

  1. Guys who are between 19-24 years old
  2. Guys who are between 30-35 years old

You would think that the article is going to end right now, but there’s so much more we need to talk about. First of all, we need to explain a couple of things. Cougars are women who are 40+ years old and who are looking to date younger men (18-40). The older the cougar is, the more she is accepting of older guys. For example, if she’s 49 years old, a 41-year-old guy is totally acceptable for most cougars.

Of course, all of this varies from person to person as there are no specific rules. However, certain trends do emerge. The first age group cougars prefer is the 19-24 one. We think you can already guess why. The combination of high sexual drive and, how should we put it, limited rational thinking abilities clouded by the said drive produce a certain kind of male partner. What we see is that cougars who only started dating younger guys usually go for this group. We don’t want to say that it’s all about physical attraction, sex, and domination because it’s certainly not.

Cougar with Cub Couple Age Difference

This is a complex emotional and psychological situation that deserves more attention from sociologists and psychologists. There’s also an element of the power disbalance exhibited in both monetary and experiential aspects. Some theorists say that this is logical as younger women oftentimes seek out older men so that they can learn. And then, as they get older, the roles reverse, and the younger generation of males now has the opportunity to “learn the ropes” sort of speak. And we’re not talking about bondage here, just to be perfectly clear.

This brings us to our next category of ages that cougars prefer and that is the 30-35 years age range. We mentioned bondage as an introduction to the physical dimension of this sort of relationship. Men who are 30 to 35 years old are more likely to be sexually experienced and willing to experiment in bed. They’re not waiting for their female partners to suggest something but they do it themselves. They know how things work and what needs to be done. On top of that, they’re usually more financially secure and ready to settle down.

The question of settling down is a big factor. So, you could argue that cougars who are looking for casual relationships go for much younger guys. And those who are looking for something more serious go for older guys. What’s left is the seemingly undesirable age range of 25-30. During these five years, most men go through significant changes that may not be visible to others. This means that they might be emotionally unavailable or unstable, something that cougars do not like. The good news is that they have to wait only a couple of years for things to change for the better.

Finally, all of this is purely circumstantial and you should not take it too seriously. Each of us is different and when you meet someone, you will know if they’re right for you. The most important thing is to be honest and communicate your thoughts, emotions and desires to that other person. And if you’re looking for cougars to date, you should check out our list of Best Cougars Dating Sites.

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