Top 5 Tips For Dating A Younger Man

dating a cougar

Being a cougar is definitely an exciting, almost glamorous approach to one’s love life, but it can also be a sensitive field that needs to be trodden lightly and carefully. Today, we will be sharing some of the most actionable and useful tips for all the ladies out there who wish to date younger men but also want to avoid the traps we mentioned.

1. Be Patient

While younger men definitely come with a whole bag of advantages, they can also have certain idiosyncrasies that can be annoying or even enraging.  For instance, younger men often lack the confidence that older men have obtained through life experience. These insecurities can sometimes be outright infuriating, which is why cougars always need to be patient.

Moreover, younger men can be quite inexperienced in the bedroom, which some women can perceive as a huge problem. In reality, however, it really isn’t. There is something extremely sexy and enticing in showing the ropes to someone who is willing and eager to learn.

2. Be Confident

Dating younger men requires a great deal of confidence, especially in today’s world which is so unbelievably youth-idolizing. Confidence can be an even greater issue for women who have only recently discovered the cougar inside them. You often wonder if you are sexy enough for a younger man, or if they are maybe doing it for all the wrong reasons.

If this is the mindset with which you go into it all, you might as well not do it. Age is only a number and sexiness has nothing to do with anything measurable. The sexiest thing in the world is confidence and if a woman is confident enough, she can have any man she desires. No matter how old either of them is.

3. Be Spontaneous

There is nothing that can ruin everyone’s mood quite as much as trying to plan everything ahead and trying to avoid every possible problem. This is especially true if you are looking for some cougar dating. Younger men are still in that phase where having fun is all they are looking for and spontaneity is a huge part of it.

If your new younger friend suggests he pick you up in half an hour for a two-hour drive, if you can, do it. Do not start thinking and overthinking every little detail. If you have the time and if you feel like it, do it. Of course, we are not saying you should agree to things you do not like, but you should make sure you are not saying ‘no’ just because you are a stickler to the schedule.

4. Be Upfront

Just because your new friend is younger than you and does not have as many responsibilities as you doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the truth, i.e. to know where they stand. If you are looking for just a bit of fun from your cougar dating, let them know. Do not string them along and then break their heart once they realize you are not looking for anything serious.

If you start getting attached to your new friend and you have a suspicion they do not feel the same way about you, talk to them. Just as you do not wish to hurt them, you should also make sure you don’t get hurt. No one has the time for games. Games hurt people.

5. Be Sexy

One of the main reasons why some young men like dating older women is because women reach their sexual peak later than men. In short, a vast majority of younger men who prefer to date older women are in it because they know their worlds will be rocked, to be colloquial.

We are not saying that it is your job to make their fantasy come true, but let’s be honest, getting intimate with someone younger can be a whole lotta fun. Do not be afraid to be sexy. Let go. Putting the brakes on sex is never a good idea. Unleash your sexuality. Be everything you want to be. Of course, above all else, be yourself.