Dating A Cougar Can Improve Your Love Life


You have probably heard about people who are particularly interested in dating cougars, or women who are older than they are. This doesn’t mean a twenty-two year old man dating a twenty-nine year old girl – the age difference is usually bigger and the woman is usually at least in her forties.

So you may be wondering what’s so great about cougars and why would you specifically want to date an older woman? Do you really need a cougar in your life?

The truth is, there are just so many pros in dating an older woman. More and more young men are recognizing this and starting to look for an older companion. One of the major pros in dating a cougar is that older women tend to me more nurturing than young girls. While younger girls often get needy and even whiny and, consequently, pay less attention to your needs, older women, especially if they have children, are generally more caring, giving and nurturing. They take care of your needs, whether it is food, comfort, sex, money or your emotions. No man can stay indifferent in front of a woman who takes good care of him.

Another major plus in dating a cougar is the amazing sex life. Cougars are, naturally, way more experienced in sex than young girls. Their experience has taught them so much and they usually come up with fun and sexy moves in bed. Furthermore, older women know themselves very well and know what they like and dislike. A confident woman in bed is worth ten times more than any insecure, immature girl, no matter how young and hot she is. Cougars are also very eager about sex, which is one of the reasons they search for a younger partner. And, as we all know, people who know what they want and like in sex and who aren’t afraid to ask for it, make the best lovers.

Older women are usually already accomplished professionally and they often have children of their own. This means a cougar will rarely cling on you, depend on you financially and expect to have babies with you. This is a major plus for most young men, who are not only not ready to settle with a family but also are not in a very good place, finance-wise. A cougar can even support you financially, or at least help out in times of need.

The fact that most cougars are emotionally and psychologically more stable, mature and balanced is another thing that makes your love life better and easier. A cougar will rarely get really upset over petty things like clothes, makeup and gossip. Cougars have been through all that and they’ve grown out of it years ago. Now they are focused on what really matters in life and don’t get bothered easily. This makes them better companions than younger girls who have yet to learn to control their temper and their hormones.

Some younger men opt for cougars when it comes to romance because they have mommy issues. Some love older ladies because they like the confidence and class they possess. For some, a cougar represents stability and reliability while others like them for their independence. Whatever the reasons, the truth is that a relationship with an older woman can greatly improve your love life and it’s really no wonder why there are more and more cougar-cub couples out there. Plus, the stigma that was once over this type of relationship is definitely gone now that everyone is free to date whoever they like.

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