Are Younger Guys Attracted To Older Women?

People these days are more open-minded about relationships and sex than ever before, so it is not uncommon anymore to see young men dating older women. In the past, a union like this would be frowned upon despite the fact that young women could date and marry men twice their age. However, times have changed and more and more men are publicly admitting to being attracted to older ladies.

According to a study done by AARP back in 2003, 34% of women in America who were 40 or above were dating younger men. There are many reasons why younger men prefer older women and here are the most common ones. 

1. Older Women Are Confident & They Know What They Want

Men are known to get tired of drama really fast, so it is no wonder they would look for an older girlfriend who is confident, composed, and focused on all the right things. Relationship drama is typical for young girls while older women try hard to provide a stable environment suitable for self-improvement and growth.

2. Older Women Have Experience 

What attracts young men to older women is the fact that they know lots about life, love, and relationships. Older women offer a different perspective on life, which in return motivates their younger partners to achieve more.

3. Older Women Are Independent

Men are attracted to confidence and there is no one more confident than a mature independent woman. For an older woman, seeking attention and approval is a thing of the past. She is comfortable in her own skin, which makes her irresistible to all men and not just those half her age.

4. Older Women Lead Better Conversations

Younger men find it easier to talk to older women because they are more understanding and easier to connect with. Moreover, statistics have shown that most women over the age of thirty have a degree, which means they are educated and able to discuss almost any given subject. 

5. Older Women Are Financially Stable

Not many men would admit it, but they love it when their female companion is financially independent. An older woman is more likely to have a career, a steady job, and a retirement fund or money saved on the side. This means her younger lover will not have to worry about taking on additional financial responsibilities, which leaves more money for both of them to enjoy.

6. Older Women Know How To Cook

One thing all men can agree upon is that a woman should know how to cook, but most younger girls are not very skilled in the kitchen. On the other hand, your mature lover will have no problem whipping up something from scratch anytime you feel hungry. You can always count on having a delicious home-cooked meal waiting for you at the table.

7. Older Women Are Emotionally Stable

It is safe to assume that a woman of a certain age had a couple of relationships that made her more emotionally mature. When a woman is emotionally stable, she handles things more calmly, which is appealing to men who do not like dealing with childish outbursts younger women are often prone to. 

How Big Is This Trend?

To understand how popular it is for younger guys to date older women, we will give you a few examples of celebrity couples who helped pave the way for the rest of us. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet, Kate Beckinsale and Peter Davidson, and even French President Emmanuel Macron and his 24 years older wife are all couples who do not mind their age difference. Thanks to these and many other celebrity couples, more and more young men feel safe to admit they are attracted to older women, which is also evident by the rising number of cougar dating websites with a record amount of visits. Joining a quality cougar dating website is perfect for those who always felt attracted to older women but never had the courage or the opportunity to act on it. 

Will People Still Have Prejudices?

No matter how common it is for younger men to date older women, there are still those who find it hard to let go of the conventional notion of what a relationship between a man and a woman should look like. People will often stare and talk, but you should not be bothered by any of that. As long as you feel comfortable, nothing else matters. Learning how to deal with people who have prejudices is something that takes time and may not be easy in the beginning. Some will say that you are “the user” while others will say that you are “the one being used.” In any case, do not waste your time justifying yourself to those who mean nothing to you. At the end of the day, you just cannot please everyone, so focus on pleasing yourself instead.

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