Are Cougars Really Better in Bed?

Women of all ages have their charms, but when it comes to skills between the sheets, cougars are particularly known for their prowess. These amazing, beautiful women challenge the outdated social norms. They prove that there is nothing sexier than confidence and that perfection does take practice. For this reason, they attract huge numbers of younger men who join cougar dating sites just to get a chance to meet them.

If you have heard that cougars are better in bed but thought it to be just a myth, here are some interesting facts that may convince you otherwise.


They Are Called Cougars For A Reason

While some consider the term cougar to be derogatory, we at find it to be empowering. Like the majestic felines they are named after, cougars are strong, elegant, gorgeous, and independent. They know what they want, they are aware of their qualities, and they do not need a man to support or control them.

Being powerful and self-reliant, they prefer younger men not only because of their stamina, eagerness, and fun-loving nature but also because unlike older men, they do not turn the relationship into a power struggle. With young guys, cougars can enjoy being themselves and being appreciated for their experience and independence.

It is quite obvious that the qualities that cougars share with the eponymous felines make them desirable intimate partners. Apart from beauty and elegance, which help attract the opposite sex, they have skillfulness, individuality, and confidence on their side. This allows them to feel more comfortable during intimate encounters, enjoy themselves more, and take an active role, all which inevitably results in a more pleasurable experience for their partners.

They Are At Their Sexual Peak

Unlike men who tend to reach their prime early, most women are far from their sexual peak in their 20s. In fact, surveys and research have shown that in the majority of cases, a woman’s libido is at its highest during the thirties and forties and sometimes even fifties. There are large individual differences, but evidence generally suggests that women’s sexual peak comes after the age of 30.

These findings prove something that members of the best cougar dating site already know – cougars are in their sexual prime. They are more passionate, they are more interested in sex, and what is particularly important, they find satisfaction in the bedroom much more easily than before.

Now, from their partners’ point of view, this is all amazing news. Namely, one partner’s satisfaction hinges on the other partner’s passion, excitement, and satisfaction. In other words, if you are in bed with someone who desires you and feels ready and eager to experience pleasure, you are much more likely to enjoy the encounter. This is exactly why cougars are often said to be great in bed.

Their Experience And Autonomy Are Freeing

Women who are not sexually experienced tend to worry too much about their performance, which often prevents them from letting go and enjoying themselves. It is a well-known fact that women find and give pleasure in bed only when they relax and free their minds from thoughts like Do I look good? or Am I doing this right? or Does he really like me?

Another issue that may prevent young and inexperienced women from being good in bed is the idea that giving directions and suggestions may have a negative effect and even cause the relationship to end. The truth is that you cannot be good between the sheets if you are not having a good time and sometimes, you just have to ask to receive because no matter how skilled your partner is, he is not a mind reader.


While cougars do not necessarily have a long list of partners, they are generally experienced, which helps them know what feels good for them and how they can pleasure their potential partners. They are also less anxious to find a steady partner than younger women, simply because many of them have already been married or in long relationships and have learned to appreciate the perks of being single. Therefore, they are not burdened by the thought that their openness about their desires may intimidate their partners.

Simply put, cougars know what they need and they are not afraid to ask. Furthermore, they have had the chance to learn what the opposite sex loves and hone their skills. These are some pretty good reasons why they make great partners between the sheets.


As you can see, there are more than a few qualities that cougars have that make them better in bed. In comparison to younger women, they generally boast greater experience and confidence, they are more passionate, and they possess the kind of freedom needed to find and give true pleasure in the bedroom. With their insecurities behind them, they achieve satisfaction more easily, which boosts their partners’ self-confidence and mood and makes the experience more gratifying for both sides.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that so many young men are attracted to cougars and describe their encounters with them as the most unforgettable and mind-blowing experiences of their lives.

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